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Privacy Policy

CGR Cinemas is reponsible for the collect and process of personal data through the website


CGR Cinemas is committed to collect, process or hold personal data for provided purposes only, legitimate and relevant in the scope of the website and Club ICE activities such as contact formular, user/customer account, personalize services management or motivated by user experience improvement and legitimate bussiness proposal. Data are collected for exclusive use of this website and Club ICE and are therefore not shared with partners or subcontractors.


CGR Cinemas take various actions to ensure the data safety against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, discolure, alteration or destruction. Precisely :

  • Access to database is restricted only to persons qualified in the context of their missions.
  • All CGR Cinemas staff are familiar with personal data protection through training, newsletters and meetings.  


According to Simplified Norm n°46, personal data are only stored during the bussiness relationship if established. If not, they are immediatly erased.


In line with the General Data Protection Regulation of April 2016, 27th, we respect your right to access to, correction of, opposition of, restriction of, portability or erasure of your personal information. You may exercise your rights by letter or mail at the following address :


CGR Cinemas

To the attention of DPO

16 rue Blaise Pascal

17185 Périgny Cedex



CGR Cinemas will respond within one month after your request reception. A signed copie of a personal ID has to be attached to your request in consideration of confidentiality and data protection.


In the case of an unsatisfied response, you have the possibility to take your complaint to the CNIL.


CGR Cinemas may update its data protection policy at any time. In this case, CGR Cinemas will notify by advance all the informations regarding this matter, to ensure you have the reasonable amount of time to assert your rights according the Informatic and Liberty Law of January 1976, 6th and the General Data Protection Regulation of April 2016, 27th.


Nevertheless, we invite you to consult this policy regularly to better understand the personal information protection modalities implemented by CGR Cinemas.


This policy has been updated  on May 2020, 27th.